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Covid Booster Clinic Sat 17th of Sept CANCELLED 

A NEW “adapted” Covid-19 Booster vaccine will be made available for all patients over the coming weeks.  NIAC advised it is best for patients to wait to get this updated vaccine.  

We will be commencing Clinics as soon as the vaccine is available.  Please check here later for further updates.

Free Contraceptive Services 17-25yrs from 14/09/22 

Who is covered:   all women aged 17-25yrs (GMS/DVC/Private) who are ordinarily resident in the State (living in the state for at least a year) will need to provide PPS number to access the scheme. 

Types of contraception covered: Contraceptive pill, patch & Ring, Mirena, Kyleena and the Jaydess (coils, also known as intrauterine devices or systems: IUS/IUD), Implanon (contraceptive implant) and Depo Provera (contraceptive injection).  Emergency contraception is also covered under the scheme, this can be accessed directly from the community pharmacist without attending a GP (Free).   Note: Copper Coil device not covered but Doctors fee is.

Doctors Consultation:  Please specify your appointment type when booking your appointment ie “Free Contraceptive Service Consultation Appointment”.  It is important to note that following an initial doctors consultation it maybe necessary to book a follow up visit for fitting of devices above.

Prescription Type:  All contraceptive prescriptions for this scheme will be issued on a private E-script by your GP issued directly to your pharmacy of choice.  All patients must present their PPS number to the pharmacy before they can dispense this.

Further details available:  https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/health/health_services/women_s_health/family_planning_services.html

Living Well Programmes Autumn Schedule

Watch this video to learn more about the Living Well Programme.

  • https://www.hse.ie/eng/health/hl/selfmanagement/living-well-programme/
  • A programme for adults with long-term health conditions. Examples Include (but not limited to) Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Stroke, COPD, Asthma, Crohn’s Disease, Arthritis, Kidney Disease, Multiple Sclerosis. (1.5hrs x 1 intro & 2.5hrs x 6)
  • Chronic Pain Self-Management programme 7 free workshops (1.5hrs x 1 intro & 2.5hrs x 6)
  • Living with Long Covid If you can direct patients to these 7 free workshops (1.5hrs x 1 intro & 2.5hrs x 6)


    To Register or for more information contact Leah Harrington Living Well Coordinator below



Dublin North City and County

Date: Thursday 8th September 2022 to Thursday 20th October 2022
Time:7.00pm – 9.30pm
Location: Online

Date: Saturday 10th September 2022 to Saturday 22nd October 2022
Time: 10.00am-12.30pm
Location: Online

Contact: Leah Harrington
 087 365 4392
Email: [email protected]


Menopause Video Resources

Please click on the link below;



DDoc New Telephone Number for out of hours services from July 1st

0818 22 44 76 


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HSE Cyber Security Incident

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