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When is best time to call?

We appreciate our phone lines have been exceptionally busy and understand it can be difficult to get through. For routine enquiries it is best to contact the surgery between 11:30 and 2pm or 3:00 to 5pm when the lines are freer. We have introduced a queuing system this month and reports have shown this has vastly reduced the number of rejected calls due to the lines being busy. Thank you for your patients with this service.

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How to apply for Social Welfare Illness Benefit

1. If patient requires a Certificate of Incapacity (called MED1) for accessing illness benefit patient must have been seen by their GP first regarding this condition.   Tel 018339586 to book your appointment (this also applies to work certs). Your GP can then submit a cert via e-Certification facility or issue a hardcopy MED1.

2. Following MED1 submission and to receive payment for absence in work, patient must also complete Illness Benefit application (called IB1 form) and send it by Free Post to Social Welfare Services, Store Street, Dublin 1.

IB1 form this can be collected at reception after consultation. Alternatively, patient can order form by emailing [email protected] or contact Illness benefit office 1890 800 024 to request the form to be posted for free.

NB: Illness Benefit is not paid for first 3 days of the absence (for non-Covid 19 related conditions).

Please note: to receive Covid illness or Covid self-isolation certs, please email us copy of text message from HSE regarding antigen test results (HSE antigen kit results only) or PCR test results and e-Cert will be organised. Otherwise, please arrange the telephone consultation with GP.

From Saturday 30th April 2022 patients will NOT be able to upload the HSE text whilst applying online for Covid enhanced payment. They need to request MED1 cert from own GP (hard copy or e-Cert).

Online Illness Benefit facility available at www.mywelfare.ie is for covid 19 illness or covid self-isolation applications ONLY.

3. If patient provides relevant clinical documentation from hospital/clinic with condition stated and duration of the absence, does not require appointment with own GP to receive certification, this can be done based on the reports provided to the GP (by email or hand)

4. For repeat social welfare certs MED1 or MED2, and work certs, please email at [email protected] at least 48 hours in advance (working days) with your full details and dates and it will be organised for you.

Please note: GP might need to see you for review before issuing further certification.

Ongoing illness: When patient receives a letter from Department requesting less frequent certification (ie every 4 or 13 or 26 weeks), then need to provide you GP with a copy of such letter and ask to submit MED2 e-Cert or to issue hardcopy MED2.

5. Patients who  need a final cert or returned to work earlier than a social welfare cert was issued for, should  let GP know via email or email at [email protected] requesting closing  illness benefit claim (please provide full personal details, PPS number and Return to work date).

6. Patients with long-term illness, who applied for allowances or other benefits or retired, should let us know once they are granted with new payment (ie disability allowance, pension, etc) in order for the doctor to stop sending social welfare certs, unless patients have been advised by social welfare otherwise.

For more information regarding illness benefit and social welfare certs please use links below:


How to apply for EU Digital COVID Certificate of Vaccination 

Please click on link below, please note we have no access to this ourselves, but HSE usually very quick to respond by email after submitting request.



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